normanBorn in 1955 in Vancouver, Canada, U. Norman Bergen-Chappell’s journey from a challenging childhood to becoming a visionary in hydrogen technology showcases his resilience and commitment to sustainable solutions. Currently employed full-time at a leading butcher shop in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Norman has continuously adapted and overcome obstacles, shaping a unique path through life.

His formative years were marked by adversity. Departing from his adopted home at the age of 10, he experienced life across 13 foster homes and a stint in reform school. These challenges culminated in his achieving a High School Equivalency Diploma in 1984. His adoption was annulled by the BC Court of Appeal in 1980, a pivotal moment that he describes as fulfilling his "Life's Ambition."

The number 7 plays a mysteriously significant role in Norman’s life. Key events include the memory of undergoing brain surgery on February 7, 2007, the inception of his Havaff project on June 7, 2007, and a profound epiphany about a twin sister on August 7, 2007. These dates mark moments of deep personal and professional transformation.

Norman’s groundbreaking initiative, "Blood-Red-Ruby Hydrogen," utilizes geothermal electricity to split water. Dubbed Havaff, this innovation is offered to the 5 Eyes & Iceland as a token of gratitude for the global community’s support during his adoption appeals. This Havaff endeavor was sparked by the inspiration he received from two younger women, whose names he cherishes in privacy.

Today, Norman is a zealous advocate for hydrogen as an alternative to fossil fuels. His work is not just a technical pursuit but a quest imbued with a deep sense of purpose. Through his efforts, Norman aims to foster a global shift towards cleaner energy, reflecting his dedication to a more sustainable and equitable world.