What Is the Main Topics Covered at a Glasgow Scotland Summit COP 26?


The Summit COP26 is an annual meeting of the nations of the world at the University of Glasgow. Every year, there is a prominent international seminar on climate change and environment which takes place in the Scottish capital. The theme of this year's conference was supposed to be about sustainable development. However, who is attending this event and what can they expect?


The name of the seminar is misleading. There is no such conference taking place in Glasgow this year. Rather, it is being organised by the Global Warming Education Council (GWEC). This is an organisation headed by Professor Peter Russell-Muller. He is the Emeritus Chair of the Grantham University Environmental Research Centre.


During the summit meeting, Dr. Peter Russell-Muller will deliver a lecture on "anthropogenic greenhouse gases as a source of climate change". He will look at some of the sources of these gases. He will also talk about the role played by carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in climate change. A number of speakers will include representatives from governments as well as individuals who have a direct stake in the global environmental struggle.


The Grantham University website says that Dr. Russell-Muller is also to deliver a special lecture on "geoengineering". This refers to the use of geo-engineering techniques to counteract climate change. It is not clear from the website if he will also talk about carbon dioxide emissions as a contributor to climate change.


According to the GWEC website, the purpose of the Glasgow Scotland summit meeting is to bring together people from all over the world to "evaluate how sustainable development can best protect and restore ecosystems, to increase knowledge and use carbon-sensitive renewable energy, to improve management and allocation of natural resources." However, not all people will be in attendance at the conference. A number of environmental, scientific, and political organizations are sending representatives to the meeting. These include the World Wildlife Fund, the Global Warming Institute, and the World Future Society. Amongst others, representatives from the governments of Mexico, India, China, and the United Kingdom will be attending.


The main topic of the summit meetings is the "carbon footprint". How each individual can make a difference. These discussions will likely include recommendations for government policies as well as ways to get businesses or communities involved in making their own carbon footprint smaller. This might include passing a green bill, having greener schools or cities, and requiring cars and other vehicles to use energy-efficient engines. Other ideas could also be brought up, including planting more trees. Here at H.A.V.A.F.F we certainly hope renewable energy in the form of Hydrogen is a big topic on their agenda. 


Global warming has become one of the major concerns of the people of Glasgow Scotland. As such many environmentalists and climate change activists have made repeated visits to the city. Glasgow has also signed an accord with China regarding reducing greenhouse gas emissions. China is also an important economic and political partner of the United Kingdom. During the last week of May, the Chinese premier and prime minister agreed to work together on reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Many other world leaders are showing support for the new accord reached between the two countries.


Climatologists are warning that global temperatures continue to rise at an alarming rate. With such alarming consequences in mind, the experts are urging people to begin planning for the future now. It is said that if global temperatures continue to rise at this pace, it could raise the temperature of water around the world by up to 2 degrees Celsius. This would greatly affect the global economy. Some solutions may include Hydrogen fuel, solar energy, wind power and hydro electric generation. .