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Havaff Part Dix

May 17 2021
(Edited: January 25, 2024)

While we're on the subject of near death experiences, I beg to submit the
following: Another time when I almost lost my life was when I was runover by a 1950 Standard Vanguard.

Praise The Lord, for sparing my life, in 1960, seven months after my adoption was finalized. 'Twas then that my Adopted Parents should have been charged with negligence for leaving me behind, a five year old, to be runover by a car. Outside the P.N.E. grounds. After I stopped rolling on the pavement, I got up & walked back to where my shoe fell off, picked it up, and continued to cross the street. After going to the hospital by ambulance, I puked in the backseat of the taxi. Just for reference,  the two wheels  on the Portside, went across my stomach. (True Story!) I suffered two bruises to my pelvis bones, and a scrape to my belly, while the driver received a fine & a six month suspension of his driver's. licence. They threw the book at him! It is also quite possible that the car (1950 Vanguard) was a Right Hand Drive, which would put my legs under the Portside. I hung onto the Port-Bow, hoping the driver would see me, it failed and I fell under the wheels. I got up so another car wouldn't get me & picked up my shoe, so I wouldn't be sent back to get it.



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