Hydrogen, A Viable Alternative To Fossil Fuels ©October 22nd, 2019

On a completely different subject now, and one that may prevent Havaff from ever getting off the ground. One hot button issue these days is: Artificial Intelligence. Apparently, the race is on to develop "super-human" type of intelligence wrapped up in a machine.

Programming "A.I." to win any chess match with a real human is all well & good but that's a far cry from A.I. being given an "objective" of winning any nuclear confrontation. Is this the evolution of warfare? Have we gone from "MAD", (Mutually Assured Destruction) To a new age where warfare is conducted by machine? (A machine, the best we can build, having the "objective" of winning at all costs?) Fascinating times we live in.

Colour me a Luddite. Wake-Up! We're on the verge of opening Pandora's Box!

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