wind-turbine-3.jpgApril 4th, 2010

When it comes to carbon capture it occurs to me that we already have the infrastructure for such an effort. What we need is some fabric or some such appendage that works at capturing carbon and releasing O2 from CO2.

If moving air were put to use at carbon capture it occurs to me that we have the infrastructure all over the world in the form of Wind Turbine Farms.

Presently Wind Farms generate electricity but perhaps could perform a dual purpose by capturing carbon if adapted with scrubber technology placed at the trailing edges of the fans.

With plenty of moving air, disposable scrubber technology attached to the fans already in use would generate cleaner air downwind as well as electricity for the masses.

wind-turbine-1.jpgIt is possible that a fabric scrubbing appendage would create some unnecessary drag on the fans so care would have to be taken to design something in keeping with just enough drag as to be negligible in the primary function of electricity generation.

I think that an adaption of this kind could mean the quintessential marriage of two green innitiatives that the Wind Farm industry may be inclined to accept.

This marks the third instalment of mine, thinking outside the box, and if I weren’t an optimist I would have lost my zeal a long time ago.

I think we all want carbon capture and Energy Systems that have zero emissions going forward. It seems this would be our best option in the battle against climate change.



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